Welcome to the Shrewsbury Cartoon Festival Website!

square -- update with Cameron '13.jpgThe 14th Shrewsbury  Cartoon Festival is this April, with a theme of Food and Drink!

What this year’s festival has on offer;
1st-23rd April Cartoons and Cakes S-mile trail
10th-29th April Eat, Drink and be Funny’ exhibition at the Bear Steps
1st April-27th May, exhibitions at Theatre Severn
21st April Tony Husband Charity Talk;’From a Dark Place’, 8pm, Unitarian Church
22nd April ‘ A Feast of Live Cartooning in the Square’
22nd April Workshops and Hunt Emerson talk at the Central, Claremont St.



A unique event which brings a small army of professional cartoonists from all over the UK and overseas to draw for the public. The event draws a huge audience every year with live drawing of giant cartoons in Shrewsbury Town Square as its centrepiece, alongside live caricaturing by some of the UK’s top professionals. There are also cartoon workshops for aspiring cartoonists and exhibitions of themed cartoons.

The festival presents a unique opportunity for the public see cartoonists at work, meet them in person and learn some tricks of the trade. It’s a brilliant day!



6 Responses to Welcome to the Shrewsbury Cartoon Festival Website!

  1. Yes Captain, plans are afoot, organisation is underway, all is well. So far.


  2. Hi Norbert,
    Anyone’s welcome, though all our cartoonist slots are now filled. If you are in the UK, or fancy swimming the canal, feel free to drop in and meet the rest of us!


  3. Don’t panic! mainly there’s a possibility of light showers, but some sun in the afternoon. Snow, if there is any, is confined to higher ground in the West Midlands. I bet it’ll be gloriously sunny all day, so er, bring your waterproofs


  4. Hi Joe,
    Yes! US cartoonists are very welcome! I’ll forward your message to the Festival Chairman Bill McCabe who will get back to you with more details on the Festival.


  5. Bill says:

    2017 is lining up to be tastier than ever. Cartoonist seem to like a good meal. Come & join the ‘feast’ on the 22nd April in The Square.


  6. Bill says:

    Well even as we mop up the gravy from 2017 & our travelling fast drawn food & ink kiosk we gird our aprons for the year ahead.
    2018’s events will mark our 15th year of this wholesome silliness.
    Themes are yet to be decided.
    Cartoonists are reserving the date:
    April 21st 2018


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