2018 Workshops

Here are the workshops we ran during the 2018 cartoon festival. They are hands-on and offer keen cartoonists a chance to learn practical tips and tricks from professional cartoonists. All ages and abilities are welcome.

Workshops took place on the 21st April 2018; please note which of the two venues you need to get to.

Cartoon Workshops (Central, Shrewsbury Baptist Church, 4 Claremont St)


‘Introduction to Caricature’ with ‘Drawn by Helen’ Pointer
Festival favourite Helen shows you how to get to grips with the art of caricature. At this workshop you can learn about exaggeration, understanding a likeness and facial humour.
11-12pm, Central, Shrewsbury Baptist Church, 4 Claremont St.
£2 per person



Fly with Paper Aviator Will (cody) Rudling
Make your own giant paper plane. Workshop plans available. Take a missive sheet of paper; fold this bit here, that bit there, then don your flying suit for the maiden flight!
1.30-2.30pm, Central, Shrewsbury Baptist Church, 4 Claremont St.
£2 per person


‘Thrills and Spills’
Cartoonists Tim Leatherbarrow shows you how to get movement and energy into your drawings. There are many ways cartoonists convey action visually; from sound effects to swooshes and arcs of movement. Learn tips and tricks in this workshop to make your work explode off the page!
3-4pm, Central, Shrewsbury Baptist Church, 4 Claremont St.
£2 per person.

Animation Workshops
This year our popular animation workshops take place at Shrewsbury Sixth Form College, English Bridge Campus. A small entry fee will access a mix of activities.

Joe Coulman will be running three sessions of 2Dstop motion animation. Make a paper cut-out of the festival mascot ‘Barry the Shrew’ and bring him to life on screen!
Andy Mckeown will be running 10-minute ‘automobile barn dance’ animation sessions, where visitors make short animated films using toy cars. A film of completed clips will be compiled as the day progresses! Also people become the puppets for another project.
There will be children’s drawing sessions and an exhibition of student work.