Hunt Emerson Talk

Hunt Emerson Talk ‘Comics of the Weird & Frankly Unbelievable’ will be at The Central, Claremont St, 1.30 – 2.30pm Saturday 22nd
Tickets £5 on the door.

Founded in 1971, Fortean Times is the leading journal of unexplained phenomena – fish falling out of the sky, UFOs, yeti, megalithic stones, ghosts and apparitions, ley lines and so on – and Hunt Emerson has been part of the production team since 1974. He has written and drawn a comic strip called PHENOMENOMIX (you have to take a run at it) for the magazine since around 1980. His talk, heavily illustrated, covers his work for FT, and includes the story of the noted early 20th Century occultist Dion Fortune. Should be of interest to fans of the weird.