What’s on in 2017

2017 events are now finalised!

Details of 2017 events, workshops, and exhibitions are available under the what’s on drop-down menu above, or on the home page.

Remember; the date for your diary is the 22nd April 2017.

Get an idea of what last year’s festival looked like below..

Big Board Cartooning!  Real live cartoonists doing real live cartooning…big

Alex Mathews Big Boarding

Alex Matthews colouring inside the lines

Live Caricaturing! Get yourself caricatured by a top caricaturist (and get it on a mug too!)

Caricaturists draw the crowds

Caricaturists draw the crowds

The Mug Machine! Have your caricature printed on a mug while you wait!

Cartoon Busking! Your chance to own some professional cartoon art!

Have a go yourself Cartooning! Compete with the pros!

The S-Mile Trail! Follow The Festival Trail around Shrewsbury, seek out the cartoons, enjoy coffee, and eat cake!

The Exhibitions! Browse works of cartoon art on the theme of “Luck”…maybe buy some!

The Tony Husband Talk: “Take Care Son” Award winning Private Eye cartoonist Tony Husband relates the story of his Dad’s Dementia.shrews-tonhusband3

The Cartoonists Rights Network International Talk by Terry Anderson

The Tim Harries Workshop! Join Top cartoonist Tim Harries as he shows you the secrets of… “How to Draw Comic Strips”shropshire-timcomic_workshop1 (small)

Release Your Inner Cartoonist with top cartoonist Harry Venning. A fun for everyone cartoon workshop extravaganza!big-draw-cartoon-and-art-family-day-10-october-2015

Joe Coulman and Hamish McKeown’s Plasticine workshop! Join ace animators Joe and Hamish as  they show you how to make your own plasticine cartoon characters!


“Dead Wingers – The Unluckiest Birds”  A digital exhibition of the artwork from the quirky birdy book by acclaimed cartoonists Rupert Besley, John Roberts, Noel Ford, Cathy Simpson, Roger Penwill, and Bill Stott