What’s on

There’s plenty to enjoy at this year’s Shrewsbury Cartoon Festival! Please see individual event pages for more info but here’s an overview:

2018 Workshops
All ages can come along and improve their cartooning skills at one of this year’s workshops! Learn how to make a giant paper aeroplane, master the art of caricature, animate or get excitement into your drawings!

2018 Cartoon Festival exhibitions

This year we have one of our broadest offerings of international work, with exhibitions of cartoons from America, Ireland, Belgium as well as the UK.

Friday 20th April Panel Discussion
Radio Presenter Alex Lester hosts our panel discussion with four great cartoonists. We’re familiar with the cartoons in magazines, but who are the people behind them?
What’s a typical day for a cartoonist? Can they find humour in anything? What’s the secret to their youthful, glowing skin?
Come along to the Wightman Theatre and find out. Ask them anything!

Cartoonists live in the square
Come along to our main day of live cartooning on the 21st April, The square.
We’ll have our usual big board cartoons as well as our team of live caricaturists, ready to capture your natural majesty with their pens.

You can drag/copy our map image below onto your device or desktop to zoom in and find what’s happening where in the town. Alternatively look out for copies of the leaflet around the town!