Participating Cartoonists

Many of the UK’s finest cartoonists are invited to the festival. Find out who’ll be coming to Shrewsbury in 2017, where you’ll have seen their work, and what they’ll be doing on the day..



Tony Husband
Widely published cartoonist, from Punch, Private Eye to The Times and Playboy. Winner of various awards including gag cartoonist of the year, strip cartoonist of the year and the Cartoon Art Trust’s Pont Award. Founder and co-editor of Oink! magazine, has published more than fifteen books.
Tony will be giving a talk about his latest book, written with his son Paul.

Glenn Marshall
Cartoonist and illustrator, mostly doing topical cartoons for publications such as Private Eye, The Spectator, The Oldie, Punch etc. I’ve also done regular weekly strips for the broadcast and media trade press, as well as having a short stint writing for Spitting Image. At present I’m trying to get some scripts for satirical short films off the ground and I’m taking an 6 month online course on ‘How to Draw Noses’.
Glenn will be variously employed around the square!

Hunt Emerson
British underground comics legend, widely published and awarded since the 1970’s.
Hunt will be giving a talk about his Fortean Times work (see link above)

Bill Stott
Work appears in a wide range of publications – lifestyle,humour, like Private Eye occasionally,Saga, Prospect, Philosophy Now and specialist publications such asThe Automobile, Classic Car Buyer, , Railway Modeller, and the ever fascinating Stationary Engine. 40+ cartoon books published and many calendars.Used to get work in Punch [RIP]fairly regularly.
Bill will be drawing a big board cartoon at the festival.

John Roberts
I now work as an ‘on-the-spot’ caricaturist and cartoonist and as a ‘visualiser’ for various blue chip companies.
I was a founding member of the PCO and served as it’s Secretary. I was a commitee member of the Cartoonists Club of Great Britain and am a member of the Britsh Cartoonists Association.
John will be drawing live caricatures of the public at the festival.

Rupert Besley
Appeared in publications such as Punch, Country Life and The Oldie, along with a regular slot in my local paper. Postcards for Dixon’s, Hinde, Salmon… greetings cards for Country Cards  and book illustrations (NWP, Birlinn, Canongate et al). Much of my output has been for educational publishing (OUP, CUP, Nelson Thornes, Macmillan, Longman, MGP…)
Will be drawing a big board cartoon at the festival.

Jonathan Cusick
Caricaturist and cartoon illustrator. Worked for The Times, New Statesman, The Spectator, Daily Express, Independent on Sunday, The Week and over 75 issues of the Radio Times. Book covers for QI, Random House and advertsing for Netflix ‘House of Cards’, Virgin Money, The Guardian, and Cadbury. Celebs who’ve bought his caricatures of themselves include Brian May, Michael Parkinson and Heston Blumenthal.
Will be drawing live cariatures of the public.



‘You should concrete over. Makes life so much easier’

Wilbur Dawbarn
Gag cartoonist, comic stripper, book illustrator, political cartoonist, caricaturist, editorial cartoonist.
Appears every fortnight in Private Eye (Forgotten Moments in Music History), has also worked for Penguin, Random House, The Times, Spectator, Reader’s Digest, The Beano (Billy Whizz) and The Dandy, to name but a few.
Will be drawing a big board cartoon.

Roger Penwill
Founder member of the Professional Cartoonists Organisation.Originator and director of the annual Shrewsbury International Cartoon Festival which began in 2004.Published in books and magazines in the UK, USA, Europe and China.
Editorial cartoonist for The Countryman 2002-2012.
All work is fully digital. Work covers editorial cartoons, advertising cartoons, greeting cards, calendars and book illustrations.
Will be drawing a big board cartoon and cartoon busking


Noel Ford
Freelance cartoonist since 1975. Former regular contributor to Punch magazine: Former editorial cartoonist for the Daily Star: Currently editorial cartoonist for Church Times and others. Editorial cartoonist for several corporate and trade publications.
Advertising and PR cartooning
Corporate cartooning (Inc Barclays Bank, Mercedes, Caterpillar, HM Government). Live visualisation.Greeting cards and calendars.
Will be drawing a big board cartoon and cartoon busking

Steve Bright
Not just another goatee beard… Steve cut his teeth working for D C Thompson writing and drawing Bananaman. Comic artist, caricaturist, cartoonist. Now cartoonist for The Sun newspaper.
Will be drawing live caricatures of the public

Alex Hughes
Cartoonist, caricaturist and freelance illustrator.
Will be drawing live caricatures of the public

Clive Goddard

Published in Private Eye, Prospect, Punch, Playboy, New Statesman, The Spectator, The Oldie, Reader’s Digest, The Sun on Sunday and many other fine organs. Currently drawing Gogglebollox strip for Private Eye. Writer of children’s books including the award-winning Fintan Fedora the World’s Worst Explorer.
Clive will be drawing a big board cartoon.
Tony Husband

Steve Best
Greetings card cartoonist Bestie’s range of cards is very succesful and he also has a range of books. A reviewer on Amazon calls him ‘The Tommy Cooper of the cartoon world’!
Steve will be drawing a big board cartoon

John Landers
published in numerous magazines both at home and overseas including Private Eye, The Spectator, Punch, Reader’s Digest and most daily UK newspapers.
He has drawn a large range cartoons for Education in Statistics and has illustrated a couple of books.
John will be drawing a big board cartoon

Royston Robertson
Widely published cartoonist, as seen in Private Eye, Saga, The Spectator, Reader’s Digest, Law Society Gazette, Kent Messenger newspapers and — this week’s guest publication — Skip Hire Magazine. Other clients include BBC Magazines, Green Party, Amnesty International, Oxford University Press, Paper House Cards, UK Greetings, Home Retail Group, IBM, and many others
Royston will be drawing a big board cartoon.

Simon Pearsall

Cartoons have appeared in Private eye, Spectator, new Statesman and The Oldie. Private Eye runs his regular ‘First Drafts’ cartoon in the Literary review page, and has done sine 2002.
Simon will be drawing a big board cartoon.

William Rudling
Caricaturist, Cartoonist, Illustrator and Designer. Published work: UNICEF, Downbeat Jazz Magazine, USA, Start to Play books for children, published by Youth Sports Trust.
Ravensburger: Jigsaws. York Theatre Royal: For the last twenty years has been responsible for the Design of panto posters and other publicity
Will be drawing a big board cartoon.
Dean Alston