The Big Boards!


Live & Large in the Square!

Saturday 21st April 2018

Alex Mathews Big Boarding

Alex Matthews colouring inside the lines

Each year we have a grand and magnificent array of cartoonists producing Big Board cartoons live in the Town Square.  Prepare your magic carpet, your unicycle and your hovercraft! The 2018 theme is ‘transport’.dave-brown-shrews

What’s a Big Board Cartoon? It roughly 8ft x 4ft, drawn by hand onto as sheet of our special canvas which is affixed to an A-framed board. One cartoonist works on either side of the board. Pausing only for sustinance and quick slurps of coffee, our cartoonists slave away to create cartoon magnificence and comedy gold right before your eyes! You can talk to them too. They’re all very friendly and quite happy to natter about their work. They don’t normally get released into the wild like this so welcome the chance to interact with an adoring public.


Rich’s Big Board

Did you know the big board cartoons can be purchased?! Each of the works are available and offer a rare chance to own a very special piece of cartoon art . If you have a favourite from a previous year why not contact us to enquire?



Rupert besley’s ‘Sorry you were out when we called’ Big Board


Huw Aaron frozen in position

Huw Aaron frozen in position

Bill Stott admires his own work

Bill Stott admires his own work